About Us

Netstyler was born in 2009 from the encounter between bag making craftmanship, web development knowledge and the energy of artistic freedom.

It takes root in that one single statement « I want to make a bag one in a million. » and  has been nutured since then by the efforts and contribution of manys.

In 2014, the story is taking a new turn as the project has been driven by a new team, small but bound and determined.

Let us introduce ourselves to you...



Web developer

I like: one Dollar bills and asparagus.

I don't like: endless explainations and numbness in my hands.


Business development

I like: Old destroyed backpacks that call for adventure, oxymora and tangerines.

I don't like: inventories, labeled boxes in which people try to store you in, beaten tracks.


Product designer

I like: collecting theater ticket stubs of movies I enjoyed, city night lights and travelling.

I don't like : conformism, waiting in a queue, useless work meetings.

Jef et Eileen

They initiated the Netstyler project a couple of years ago.

They have accompanied us all along the way and bring constant support, thoughtful advise and keen expertise to our team.


Office crasher

I like: Wolfing down bowls of spicy thai soup, the salt of the unexpected, rib-hurting laughers with friends.

I don't like : Shoes that let water in, conditioned brains and bad news.