Craftmanship and expertise

On the strength of technical skills and knowledge in harness systems and textile craftmanship passed down to us over the years, we have built bridges between your pictures and our printing machines, your art and our sewing machines, your home and our workshop.

From product design to material sourcing, all steps of sample making are carried out in our small workshop near Lyon, in France.

We respect high quality standards and give all our bags a tailored finish as we do not want them to be ephemerals but durables for you to enjoy all along the journey.

Your order is made in our partner factory near Shanghai which we have known for more than ten years. We are happy flyers, traveling all the year between Asia and France to monitor production lines, control quality and keep our teams unite.


In our office, behind our screens....

We receive email notification about the order you have just placed.

We review your work and touch it up if necessary : we fill the bleed area if you did not, change colors that may look different when printed...

We send out your design for printing !


In our workshop near Shanghai...

We print directly on a fabric in-house prepared.

We cut, sew and send your custom-made bag back to France.


In our sample studio just below our office

We receive your bag, check it up with a sharp eye and touch it up if necessary.

We take it to our favorite post office, just around the corner.